Choosing the right lens color tint can help to enhance visual acuity, improve depth perception, enhance contrast and reduce eye fatigue in various conditions and activities. 

Below is a general guide on what lens color tints should be used for various weather conditions and activities:        


Weather and Light Conditions Grey Brown Rose
Sunny / Bright
Partly Cloudy
Cloudy / Low Light  
Foggy / Hazy / Low Light ✔   ✔
Snow ✔   


Activity Grey Brown Rose
Fishing / Water Sports
Shooting / Hunting
Snow Sports
Driving / Motor Sports


LenzFlip Lens Color VLT (Visible Light Transmittance)
Smoked Polarized Gray black lens 11.0%
Smoked Polarized w/ Red Mirror 18.0%
Smoked Polarized w/ Blue Mirror Blue mirror  lens 15.0%
Smoked Polarized w/ Chrome- Flash Silver Silver mirror lens 14.0%
Brown Polarized Brown lens 14.0%
Brown Polarized w/ Green Mirror Green jade mirror lens 16.0%
Smoked Polarized w/ Flash Gold Mirror Flash gold mirror 14.0%
Smoked Polarized w/ Purple Mirror Purple Mirror lens 16.0%
G15 Green G15 Green lens 15.50%
Rose Polarized Rose pink lens 16%