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If your passion is surfing, diving, boating, jet-skiing, fishing, anything on the water, then you can relate to the famous words of Jacques Cousteau: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” And you probably have a pair (or three) of favorite Costas that have been on many adventures. When they come home with scratched or broken lenses, don’t retire those frames! We have Costa Del Mar Sunglass Lens Replacements that are the same quality as your original lenses and cost less.

Known as the unofficial eyewear for all surfers of the 1980s, Costa Del Mar went from a little known sunglasses company in its early years, to a household name by the end of the decade.

Founded in 1983 by Ray Ferguson, Costa Del Mar is a company build on taking chances and pursuing dreams. Under Ferguson’s leadership, it didn’t take long for the company to take off, and in 1989 Costa del Mar was providing sunglasses for the prestigious San Diego Yacht Club for the Stars & Stripes (America’s Cup Challenge) Yacht Races. Team Captain Dennis Conner specifically requested the shades because of how well they protected his eyes from glare and UV Rays.

In addition to his business endeavors, Ferguson also enjoyed contributing to the community. This was reflected in the many donations made by Costa del Mar, particularly during the company’s early years. Shortly after starting up, Ferguson signed a contract with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to design and donate a pair of specially designed sunglasses featuring polarized lenses. The venture was a success, and the government agency later endorsed the glasses, significantly helping sales.

Costa Del Mar also provided sunglasses to Jacques Cousteau. The French naval officer, filmmaker, and marine explorer personally endorsed the sunglasses, and the Cousteau Society continued to use them for years following the initial donation.

For the last 35 years Costas have been sported by servicemen, athletes, and celebrities all around the world. In 2001 a blind mountain climber by the name of Erik Weihemmayer wore Costa Del Mar sunglasses during his epic ascent up Mt. Everest.

OEM Quality, Polycarbonate Costa Del Mar Sunglass Lens Replacements for Less!

Although Costa Del Mar is a young company when compared to some of the other names in the industry, their sunglasses can stand their own. Costas feature 1 millimeter thin Lightweave glass polycarbonate lenses with a premium glare and anti-reflecting absorbent coating. These high quality shades provide 100% UV protection and will hold up in the toughest of conditions, making them the number one choice for aquatic professionals worldwide. When your original lenses get scratched or broken, has polycarbonate Costa Del Mar sunglass replacement lenses with 100% UV protection and anti-scratch coating at a fraction of the price! They’ll fit your frames so well, you’ll think you have a whole new pair of sunglasses!