LenzFlip Replacements Lenses Crafted in the USALenzFlip is the brainchild of a group of sunglass enthusiasts and industry veterans that came together wanting to provide the best quality sunglass lens replacements in the market at an affordable price. With more than 30 years of combined experience in the optical industry, LenzFlip uses high quality sunglass lenses that are sourced from the very same factories that supply to the biggest and most established eyewear brands in the marketplace today.

Unlike our competitors that source for inferior grade lenses from secondary tiered factories, our lenses are obtained through exclusive arrangements with long established lens manufacturers that major brands are sourcing from today. 

Believing in providing high quality products, our lenses are all precision cut in our high-tech facility in the USA using high precision lens edging tools. Every product is subjected to stringent checks and measurements before the lens are accurately cut to ensure it meets the original brand's specifications.This proposition is further enforced with a comprehensive testing and validation lab housed under the same roof as our manufacturing facility.

Flipping your lens should be a fuss-free and affordable way to renew the look of your sunglasses while keeping the original frame and brand. Why spend hundreds of dollars buying a pair of new sunglasses when you can get a high quality lens replacement crafted in the USA at just a fraction of the price of a new pair of sunglasses. Flip your lenses today and give your sunglasses a new and refreshed look!