Oakley Sunglass Lens Replacement

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Don't settle for inferior materials! Our Oakley sunglass lens replacements are made from polycarbonate that is impact resistant and fits your frames like the original lenses. We also give them a scratch-resistant coating to help them last as long as possible.

Today Oakley is one of the most popular retail brands in the world. Known best best for its line of sunglasses, the company also offers a wide variety of sports gear and apparel. But this multinational company started off with much humbler beginnings. In 1975, founder Jim Jannard invested $300 and began running the company from his garage. He named the company after his dog, Oakley, and started off selling motorcycle grips out of the back of his car at motocross events. Although this could have been a hard market to tap into, Jannard had a one up on the competition – “Unobtainium.” This exclusive patented material meant Oakley Grips were different than anything else on the market at that time, and this worked to Jannard’s advantage. His product was a hit and gave him the jump start he needed to expand into the broader market of sports retail.

Now, more than 40 years later, the company is still going strong, and sunglass are by far the most popular of its products. Their merger with Luxottica in 2007 helped strengthen their hand in the market, and as a result Oakleys are quite possibly the most popular sunglasses out there. But what makes Oakleys so great? With famous athletes such as World Number One golfer Rory McIlroy and three-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jenning endorsing the product, there must be something special, right? Most attribute it to the company’s combination of science and art to create a line of high quality products that just can’t be beat.

As with Jannard’s very first venture, Oakley still features Unobtainium in many of its products today. The unique material is commonly used in the nose and earpieces of their most popular sunglasses, giving them additional grip, particularly when wet. This means that when other sunglasses might slide down your nose and fall off, your Oakleys won’t. Because of this exclusive technology, the company is able to produce frames that are both stylish and practical. But of course, that technology comes at a cost. That’s why you’ll want to hang on to those frames even if your lenses have seen better days.

You Can Save Them With Oakley Sunglass Lens Replacement!

It’s a little known fact that every 14 minutes an American loses, breaks, or sits on a pair of sunglasses. More often than not, it’s the lenses that break. You can replace your lenses for a fraction of what it will cost you to replace your favorite pair of Oakleys. And you get the added benefit of sentimental value. It’s always hard to let go of something you love. And you won't have to with our line of Oakley sunglass lens replacement. Simply swap them out for new, clear lenses, maybe even upgrade to polarized and your favorite shades will be with your for years to come! 


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