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There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when trying to decide on the perfect pair of sunglasses. Frame style, lens quality, and fit all come into play. REVO has excelled at meeting all of these needs since its conception. When you find a pair of sunglasses as perfect as your REVOs, you want them to last forever. And with our polycarbonate REVO Sunglass Lens Replacements, they can! The quality and fit of our lenses is just like your originals, but they cost so much less!

Revo entered the market in 1985 offering special lenses made from the same material NASA developed to provide solar protection to orbiting satellites. This technology gave the company a one-up on their competition, and they have continued to shine throughout the years.

Mitch Ruda, founder of the company, was a top optical engineer working on a NASA research project in the 1980s when he first got the revolutionary idea. By adapting NASA’s UV protection technology and applying the special coating to men’s and women’s sunglasses, he was able to produce the most advanced polarized sunglasses in the world.

Over the years REVO has continued to make advances in technology, creating a product unlike any other on the market today. Their strong but lightweight frames and unique lens technology have set them apart in the industry, and many professionals and celebrities have turned to their product over the last three decades.

Astronaut Pete Conrad sported REVOs during his career, and even appeared in some ads for the company, promoting their use of space technology. Bono, lead singer of U2, has also taken a liking to the shades.

REVOs are available in a variety of vintage styles divided into different collections. The Shapes Collection offers the ideal synthesis of technology and style, while the Sport Collection offers lightweight comfort and quality. They also have a Competition Collection designed specifically for competitive athletes and a Travel Collection that is perfect for the avid adventurer. If you own a pair of these iconic sunglasses then you know that they are well worth the investment, and will outlast any other pair. The superior fit, style, and comfort of Revo frames are hard to find anywhere else, and you want them to last forever.

We Can Help With REVO Sunglass Lens Replacements!

If you find that your lenses are wearing out in your favorite pair, you might find yourself searching for a new pair. But now you don’t have to! Just switch out your scratched or broken lenses for new ones from Our lenses are made from the same high-quality, impact resistant materials as your originals. They will fit your frames perfectly and they all have scratch-resistant coating. And at our low prices, you can buy as many replacements as you need and keep wearing your favorite pair of REVOs again and again!