Ray-Ban Sunglass Lens Replacement

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When you are looking for Ray-Ban sunglass lens replacements for your favorite frames, you want lenses that you can’t tell apart from the originals. We have what you need at LenzFlip.com. Our lenses are made from polycarbonate, which is impact resistant and will fit snugly in your frames.  They also have a scratch resistant coating to help give them a longer life.

From James Dean to Michael Jackson, Ray-Bans have been the pick of many a celebrity over the years, but the company got its start in a very different market – the military.

The first sunglasses are thought to have been invented sometime during the 12th century in China. These ancient predecessors to the glasses that so many of us rely on today were little more than a crude slab of smoked quartz held up to the eyes to block the sunlight.  Although these did little to protect against the sun’s harmful rays, they were still effective in preventing glare and intercepting unwanted light.

Thousands of years later the US Air Force faced the same problem that the Ancient Chinese had so many years before, only on a much more intense scale. Although sunglasses were available in the 1930s, they were not designed for the increased light and glare that aviators experienced when flying. Many of the pilots complained of headaches and altitude sickness as a result of that glare. And that’s where Ray-Ban stepped in.

The newly founded company developed a green lens that was specially designed to cut out glare without obscuring vision. By combining their green lenses with the relatively new polarized lens technology, the company created a pair of sunglasses that maximally shielded aviators’ eyes while flying. The special lenses were set in slightly drooping frames to account for the frequency at which flyers glanced down at the instrument panel while operating their planes. The company took their name from their product’s ability to “ban the sun’s rays,” and so Ray-Ban was born.

Initially the special sunglasses, known even today as Aviators, were only available to flyers, but they were eventually made available to the public in 1937 and have been a fashion trend ever since. Another popular style of sunglasses developed by the company are Wayfarers. These are the classic sunglasses sported by celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn, and many more over the past 7 decades. The stylish yet simple and practical design makes these shades a perfect choice no matter what you have on your agenda for the day.

Although the company has seen its ups and downs, Ray-Ban strengthened its hold on the market by merging with Luxottica in 1999, and has remained strong ever since. Their stylish shades are popular among celebrities, the military, and the general public.

Keep Your Favorite Sunglasses Alive With Ray-Ban Sunglass Lens Replacement!

By replacing your lenses when your old ones go out, you can enjoy your frames for years. Picking the perfect pair of Ray-Bans can be a time-consuming and often expensive endeavor, and once you have found that elusive, perfect style, you won’t want to let them go. And now you don’t have to. If your lenses get scraped or damaged you can simply replace them with new ones and keep enjoying your best Ray-Ban frames.