Let me introduce LenzFlip

LenzFlip was created with the concept of keeping your favorite brand sunglass fresh by simply “Flipping” the lenses. Whether your lenses are worn out and or you just want to change the color for different occasions or fashion, LenzFlip is the place to get your replacement lenses at an affordable price. We offer replacement lenses that are compatible with over 40 styles of the most popular sunglasses brands on the market, including Ray Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim and more.

Competitors also offer quality lenses, but the LenzFlip difference is that we only offer 100% pure polycarbonate, polarized lenses for the best strength and quality you can find.

Our replacement lenses are all the best polycarbonate, polarized lenses on the market for the price, sourced from the best quality materials and are edged and assembled in our factory in Yuma Arizona, keeping jobs in America. 

Don't throw out your beloved frames, just flip your lenses with LenzFlip!

6 colors are available for Oakley Shields : Radar EV Path- Jawbreaker - Radarlock Path - Radar Path -