July 01, 2016

The mountains of Wyoming are known for their many winter attractions, but Antelope Butte Ski and Recreation Area offers a variety of summer events as well. If you’re looking for a fun way to escape the heat with the whole family, then join the fun at the Antelope Butte Summer Festival.

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About the Resort

Antelope Butte is an outdoor recreation resort located in the Bighorn Mountains.  This year-round recreation area is a great place to escape the heat while staying active. The third Annual Antelope Butte Summer Festival features events for the whole family, including hikes, runs, camping and more!

A popular vacation destination for more than 40 years, the resort fell on hard times and had to close its doors back in 2004 when the land reverted ownership to the forest service.

With no private owner to run the facility it fell into disrepair, and so in 2011 the forest service made plans to demolish the lodge and lifts, and close the resort for good. Thankfully, nearby community members came together and halted these plans.  The Antelope Butte Foundation was organized in August 2011 and quickly submitted plans to reopen the resort. The forest service agreed to work with the foundation and give them a chance to restore the area back to service.

For the last five years, the foundation has been working tirelessly to make these plans a reality. In 2014 the first Antelope Butte Summer Festival was held to bolster community interest in the progress, and show the citizens the viability of summer as well as winter activities at the resort. The event was a hit and is now returning for its third season. Proceeds from the event are dedicated to reopening the resort in its full capacity.

The benefit festival boasts a variety of outdoor recreational activities for every age. Some of the events include the Butte Grind Trail Runs, Butte Buster Mountain Bike Races, Antelope Butte Duathlon, and a variety of Kid’s races.

Here’s How to Join In The Fun At The Antelope Butte Summer Festival & Where To Buy Oakley Lenses

The Antelope Butte Summer Festival will open at 4:00pm on Friday July 22nd. Visitors to the park are encouraged to camp, and can set up tents or campers in designated areas. You’ll want to get situated early so you can enjoy the first night’s festivities: live music by Libby Creek Original at 7:30pm. Following the concert, you’ll want to tuck in for a good night’s sleep so you’re ready to wake up bright and early the following morning.

Saturday’s events will kick off with a 31-mile run at 7:00am. This is the first of the Butte Grind Trail Runs. Participants will run a 16-mile loop along some of the area’s beautiful jeep trails, climbing up to a point of 9650 ft before descending down into the Willett drainage, across Willet Creek, and merging back onto the main road and finishing up at the Antelope Butte Finish line. This is one of the more challenging runs in the festival, but definitely worth it if you have the stamina.

If 31 miles seems a bit long, no worries. There are plenty of other events that you can participate in. For those not participating in the run, a morning Yoga class will be held at 8:00am followed by a 15.5 mile run along the same course, run in the opposite direction starting at 9:00am.

If biking is more your style, you can join in the first 22-mile bike ride at 9:15am, or wait until 9:30am, and participate in the 8-mile Bike & Duathlon.

The third and fourth Butte Trail Grinds will follow the Duathlon, starting at 10:00am and 10:30am.  These shorter 8-mile and 4-mile runs will follow much more moderate courses and are recommended for both runners and walkers.

While you’re enjoying your morning run, your children can participate in a Kid’s Bike Race at 10:00am or a Kid’s Run at 11:00 am.

Ann & Andy Lowe will join in the festivities with another live concert at 11:30am, and 10-Cent Stranger will take the stage at 12:30pm, followed by Canary Joe at 1:45pm and John Kirlin at 2:55pm.

Another yoga session will be held at 4:00pm before Maw Band performs at 4:15. The day’s events will finish up with a Traditional Crow Mountain Ceremony, and more music by Jared Stewart and Ethan Chartier in the evening.

The Crow Nation, called Apsaalooke in their native Siouan language, are native to the area. Their participation in the festival is a tribute to the area’s rich history, and it is a cultural experience you won’t want to miss.

The event will come to a close on Sunday morning with a Pancake Breakfast at 7:30am followed by Yoga at 9:00am. Participants will then disperse to break camp, and the grounds will close at 11:00am.

You can purchase tickets for the event online at www.antelopebuttefoundation.org/summer-festival. Admission is $10/person, and children 12 & under are free.

Whether you plan on running, riding, or just enjoying the music, you’ll want some sunglasses for proper protection. The sun can be bright up in the mountains. If you need new lenses for your favorite pair of glasses and are wondering where to buy Oakley lenses, then check out the wide variety of polycarbonate lenses available on LenzFlip.com. A quality pair of green or yellow tinted lenses will serve you well among the towering trees and rolling hills of the area.

Become a Volunteer

If you want to do more to get the park up and running again, you can join the Antelope Butte Volunteer Corps. Restoring such a large park takes a lot of manpower, and community members are needed to help with special events, fundraising, construction, and mountain restoration.

As a general volunteer, you can help put up posters, get sponsors, pass out flyers advertising upcoming events, or help set up and man information booths at various community events. You can also work in the office putting together mailings and serving in various other support positions.

Skilled volunteers are also needed to help in construction and restoration of the park’s amenities.  If you have demolition, drywall, painting, framing, flooring or other construction experience, your expertise is needed in the project. If you’re interested in joining in the effort you can sign up to be a volunteer at www.antelopebuttefountation.org/volunteer.

The resort also offers internship opportunities for both high school and college-age students pursuing business development, office, outdoor recreation, or leadership studies.

Community members have invested a lot of time and effort into restoring Antelope Butte and making the resort great again. If you want to join in the legacy, then grab your camping gear and sign up for the festival.  Even if you don’t participate in any of the races, you and your family are sure to have a great time enjoying the music and making new friends. And when you’re packing, make sure to grab your best pair of sunglasses. Now you know where to buy Oakley lenses for the occasion if you need them: LenzFlip.com!