Get Oakley Half Jacket Lens Replacements For Solstice Celebrations

Get Oakley Half Jacket Lens Replacements For Solstice Celebrations

If you’re looking for a way to escape the heat but still want to enjoy the great outdoors, then consider taking a trip to the beautiful Alaska. With average daytime summer temperatures between 55 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, it is the perfect summer destination. And there are plenty of events taking place this summer that are sure to entertain.

Even though it’s cooler there, the sun burns just as bright, so make sure you bring your best pair of sunglasses along!  And if your lenses are in sub-par condition, now is the time to get that taken care of. New Oakley Half Jacket lens replacements will ensure that you are able to appreciate the beautiful Alaskan countryside without worrying about obstructed views through damaged, scratched, or broken lenses. LenzFlip has pure, polycarbonate replacements in a variety of tints for Half Jacket 2.0 and Half Jacket 2.0 XL (and the prices are unbelievable!).

Bike Away With The Annual Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay

The Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay is a great way to enjoy the Canadian and Alaskan countryside, while also participating in an amazing event. The 238.3 km (148.1 miles) race runs from Haines Junction, Yukon, all the way to Haines, AK, and features some of the most beautiful landscape views in the world, including vast mountain valleys, towering alpine passes, and expansive ocean views.  Whether you are a solo rider or part of a team you’re sure to see some new feats of nature that you’ve never seen before.

Race participants can choose to ride solo, or join a team of 2, 4, or 8 riders. The race itself is made up of 8 legs ranging from 19 to 39.5 km (11.8 to 24.6 miles).

The race is designed to be a fun experience for all participants, whether they are experienced competitive riders, or recreational riders, and the wide range of leg distances helps with this. A less experienced rider can opt for a shorter or easier leg, while someone who has trained longer can pick a more challenging section of the course.

During the ride, participants will have the opportunity to appreciate some very unique landmarks. The race starts on June 18 at Haines Junction at 8:20 a.m. (solo and 2 person teams), 8:40 a.m. (4 person teams) or 9:00 a.m. (8 person teams) and riders are immediately immersed in the beautiful mountainous terrain of the southwestern Yukon Territory.

First Leg

Toward the end of the first leg, riders will pass Kluane National Park. This park and nature reserve is part of Canada’s national park system, and includes the highest mountain in Canada, Mount Logan.  Towering mountains and glaciers cover 83% of the park’s landscape, and although the ride doesn’t go through the park, participants will be able to see some of these as they pass by.

Second Leg

Toward the beginning of the second leg, Lake Kathleen is visible off to the right of the course. Its exceptionally clear waters make for great fishing, and the surrounding area features a campground, boat launch, and several hiking trails, including the well-known and challenging Ascent to King’s Throne.

Further into the second leg, riders will pass Lake Dezadeash on the left-hand side of the road. During WWII, a military camp was based off the lake’s shores. The camp was later converted into Dezadeash Lodge, where travelers can go to enjoy the lake and all of its amenities along with a bit of history.

Third Leg

In the third leg, riders will pass by Klukshu. Though this aboriginal settlement has no permanent population, it sees a fair amount of seasonal traffic from fishermen, especially during the Chinook salmon run. It is a beautiful little town worth a stop if you’re in the area.

Fourth Leg

Participants riding in the fourth leg will pass the Takhanne River, which feeds into the Million Dollar Falls. The area is accessed by a dirt road off of the Haines Highway and features a campground along with a boardwalk trail leading up to a viewing platform above the falls. And who knows, you may see a bear or two if you’re riding this leg, as the area is home to the grizzly bear.  Fourth leg participants will also cross over the Canadian/Alaskan border.

Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Legs

The fifth leg takes riders through the St. Elias Mountains, and sixth leg participants take over at the start of the Chilkat Mountain Range, and ride along the Chilkat river. Leg seven continues along the river and through the Bald Eagle Preserve, and the eighth leg makes the final stretch into Haines, AK.

This amazing ride takes participants past so many natural wonders that you won’t want to miss. And when riding for such an extended period of time, you will want a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the elements. It would be a shame if you couldn’t appreciate the beautiful landscape due to damaged lenses, so make sure to get your Oakley Half Jacket lens replacements early. That way you will be prepared for race day!

You’ll Want Your Oakley Half Jacket Lens Replacements For The Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage

If biking isn’t for you, but running is more your style then look no further. The Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage is another great way to enjoy the beautiful Alaskan countryside.  June 18, 2016 is a celebration of the longest day of the year, and in Anchorage, AK that means 22 hours of functional daylight.

It also means the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon. For the last 40 years, runners from all over the world have flocked to Anchorage to participate in the race. In addition to a full marathon, there is also a half marathon, a marathon relay, a kid’s race, and a buddy half marathon taking place over the weekend. You’ll definitely want your sunglasses for this extra-long weekend full of events. All that additional sunlight means more exposure, so don’t forget to bring your shades along and make sure your lenses are clean and clear.

The weekend festivities kick-off early with a race expo on June 16 and 17 at the Alaska Airlines Center where runners can pick up their race packets. The Healthy Futures Kids’ Mile also takes place on the 16, and Women’s pro hockey player Zoe Hickel will be among the adult helpers running with the kids this year.  She will be available after the race to give autographs and hand out medals.

The full marathon starts on June 18 and takes runners through the foothills of the Chugach Mountains, then up Chester Creek Trail, before heading into town and finishing at Delaney Park.

The Midnight Sun Marathon is one of the qualifiers for the Boston Marathon, and it is considered one of the most difficult of the season.

The Alaska Half Marathon also starts June 18, beginning and ending at Delaney Park, with a course that goes out and back past Earthquake Park and along the Coastal Trail past Point Woronzof.

The relay races available follow the same courses but allow participants to break the course down into shorter legs and run as a team.

Anchorage Downtown Summer Solstice Festival & Kenai Saturday Market

Anchorage's Downtown Summer Solstice festival is one of the largest solstice celebrations in the country.  The festival features a wide range of outdoor activities from hiking to biking, as well as live music and festival style games, booths, and attractions. The Kenai Saturday Market is also a must see. Locals turn out to sell everything from homegrown goods to homemade trinkets.

Whether you plan on riding or running through the Alaskan countryside you will want to remember your sunglasses so you can make the most of your time there, and take in all the beautiful scenery.  Make sure you have your Oakley Half Jacket lens replacements so you don’t miss a thing!


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