Frogskins vs. Holbrook

Frogskins vs. Holbrook

Both frames have a vintage, yet modern feel. but there are several notable differences when it comes to Frogskins vs. Holbrook.

Frogskins vs. Holbrook: The Main Event

No undercard, we're going straight for the action. These frames are going to go toe-to-toe for a fast, four rounds -- so don't blink! No TKOs and no throwing in the towel. Frogskins vs. Holbrook is a well-matched bout, with two strong contenders. Who will go down for the count and who will take the title?

 Frogskins vs. Holbrook Comparison Chart

No glass jaws here! Both sunglass styles are able to roll with the punches. Looks like Frogskins vs. Holbrook might be a split draw. Of course, no matter which frames you prefer, you can't lose with either timeless, classic look. Especially when you keep bobbing and weaving with new, clear, updated lenses and tints for your frames.

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