Create Your Oakley Custom Glasses And Head Out To Enjoy The Seattle Firecracker Tournament

Create Your Oakley Custom Glasses And Head Out To Enjoy The Seattle Firecracker Tournament

Seattle has a variety of fun activities scheduled for Fourth of July Weekend. In addition to the annual firework show and patriotic festivities, the city will also host the Annual Firecracker Tournament. So if you’re a baseball fan then grab your cap and Jacket XL sunglasses and head on over to enjoy the classic American sport. And if your Jacket XL sunglasses need new lenses check out the amazing selection of Oakley custom glasses lenses on

What Is The Firecracker Tournament? Will You Want Oakley Custom Glasses Replacement Lenses For It?

The 4th of July Firecracker Tournament has exploded from its original, humble beginnings back in 2008 where 6 teams in Rhode Island met to compete. Today hundreds of teams meet across the nation to compete in the classic sport, and the tournament is regarded as a “must attend” for university coaches and major league scouts alike.

The Seattle Firecracker Tournament is an opportunity for serious players from both Washington and Oregon to compete in hopes of getting scholarships to the school of their choice, or drafted to play professionally. The competition is hot, and futures can be made out on the fields, but the true spirit of the tournament is all about giving players a chance to showcase their talents and reach the next level--whatever that may be--all while having fun!

Whether you have a player out on the field or you’re part of the competition, you’ll definitely want to make sure you pack your best pair of Jacket XL sunglasses for the occasion so you don’t miss a single second of the action. You can create Jacket XL Oakley custom glasses easily with polycarbonate replacement lenses for your sunglasses, available in a variety of tints and styles at Brown lenses are a great option because they both enhance contrast, and significantly improve depth perception, so you’ll easily be able to follow what’s going on down on the field. With Seattle’s unpredictable weather, you may want to consider green lenses as well. These are better in lowlight conditions, and have the added benefit of increasing depth perception as well.

What To Expect At The 2016 Firecracker Tournament

GSL Tournaments, headquartered in Washington State, is excited to team up with USSSA for the 2016 season, making them the premiere tournament hosts for youth and high school baseball programs in the area. Together they will host a series of tournaments for the Northwest Regional Baseball Network, including this year’s Firecracker Tournament in Seattle. Both companies have a history of providing quality baseball tournament experiences in the area and will continue to do so as a team. The partnership will ultimately benefit the teams in the region.

With the new merger, this year’s Firecracker Tournament will be bigger than ever, featuring more than 50 teams, with players ages 9 to 19 competing from July 2nd – July 4th on fields throughout the city. The tournament itself is split into three age groups: Youth (9U – 14U teams), Juniors (15U & 16U teams), and Seniors (17U – 19U teams). Additionally, each age group will be split into two divisions: a Major Division and a AAA Division.

From here the teams will be placed in pools based on where they are from. The tournament organizers try to diversify the pools so that teams face players from different areas and cities that they may not usually play against.  Each team is guaranteed at least 4 games, weather permitting.

Participating teams that make it past the preliminary games will move onto compete in the single elimination playoffs within their age groups and divisions. At the end of the tournament first and second place trophies will be awarded to the winning teams, and one player will win the annual Firecracker Baseball Tournament MVP award in each division.

If you’re on a team and want to participate in the tournament, registration is only $650.00 and includes a box of game-day baseballs. If you enter two or more teams from the same town there is a $25.00/per team discount. Registration is open until the Friday before the tournament begins, but space is limited, so reserve your spot quick! You can register and pay online at All payments must be received before your spot is secured.

Where To Stay In And Around Seattle

Seattle offers a wide variety of overnight accommodations within its city limits. In order to make travel easier for tournament participants and their families, GSL has partnered up with CSTT, a nationwide company which provides families with discounted hotel rates. Reservations can be made for the Firecracker Tournament, and other upcoming events at

If these hotels have filled up, or you want to stay at a location that isn’t on the list, there are plenty of other hotels in the area, and many of them feature a unique history. One of the most popular hotels in the area is the Sorrento Hotel. This historic hotel opened in 1909, right before the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition was held in the city. Gold diggers and travelers alike flocked to the area to join in the excitement and many stayed in the lavish, Italian-Oasis style hotel on First Hill. The hotel is still operational today, and over the years owners have preserved the original décor, adding to its charm.

There are plenty of these charming hotels in Seattle and the surrounding towns, so if you’re visiting the area and need a place to stay be sure to check them out.

Other Upcoming Baseball Events

If you want to check out some of the other upcoming tournaments, GSL’s website provides a comprehensive list, divided by age group.  They are also hosting some summer camps that every ball player should put on his or her summer schedule, including the 2016 College Showcase Prospect Camp on July 5th. This is a great camp to attend and isn’t limited to those playing in the College Showcase. There is no age limit, and all players who want to receive college instruction and increase their skills are encouraged to attend. The camp is put on by 15 college coaches from around the country, and all will have valuable instruction you won’t want to miss out on.

If you plan on attending any games or camps this summer be sure to invest in a brand new pair of Jacket XL Oakley custom glasses polycarbonate replacement lenses. offers a variety of styles and tints to meet all of your viewing needs in every type of light and weather.

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